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We are open for walk-ins today Monday 2/8/2016 at 7:30am - 5pm

2016 is bringing new changes to

Smithtown Pediatric Group

and we want you to be the first to know!



First, sometime in early May 2016, Dr. Tracey Louie will be leaving our practice and moving to Houston, Texas, where her husband has accepted a position as an Attending Radiologist. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Tracey over the last two years, and are deeply appreciative of her knowledge and dedication, not to mention her bright and cheerful manner, which she contributed to our practice on a daily basis.


Also during May of 2016, Dr. James Parles will be leaving Smithtown Pediatric Group to develop his own practice dedicated solely to Pediatric Behavioral Medicine, which over time has become his passion. As his partners, we will miss all that he has brought to our practice on a daily basis for the 27 years he has been a member of Smithtown Pediatric Group; a skill set which is so much more than just his obvious intelligence and clinical expertise but more importantly his dedication to the well-being of all the patients in our practice and his commitment to bettering the health of children everywhere. Clearly his departure is a loss to Smithtown Pediatric Group, although it will certainly be a gain for those children suffering from behavioral and mental health issues who will benefit from his care.


We know that change is hard and that both Dr. Louie and Dr. Parles will be missed by so many of us. As always Smithtown Pediatric Group remains committed to providing your family with the quality of medical care and patient experience that you have come to expect. There are several new and exciting strategies we are exploring as we move to fill the “hole” left by these departures and we will keep you posted as we move forward between now and May. Rest assured that the day-to-day care of your child will not change and that it remains our first priority to ensure that each of your children retains a level of continuity in his or her care that is worthy of the confidence you show in us.


We wish you all a happy and healthy 2016.


This coming May I will be leaving Smithtown Pediatric Group to begin a new practice that provides care in Pediatric Behavioral Medicine. During the past several years I have learned that this area of pediatrics is my calling, as ADHD, anxiety, depression and related problems have a tremendous impact on the well being and quality of life of children, teenagers, young adults, and their families. Our health systems are set up in a manner that denies high quality, affordable care for these disorders to a large number of those who badly need it. I obtained additional training in assessing and treating these disorders in order to sharpen my skills, and have tried to provide these services within my current role as a general pediatrician. Unfortunately I have found it unsustainable to try to perform both roles at the same time.


I look back on my 27 plus years here with great feeling for the innumerable positive experiences that have enriched my life. We have dedicated, loyal staff members who I have been proud to work with, and who I will miss greatly. My partners are brilliant physicians who I learn from every day, caring and compassionate people who are dedicated to providing the best available care to our patients, and good friends who were extremely generous to me in my family’s time of need. I have full confidence that they will continue to provide your children with the finest pediatric care available. There is no better father in the world than mine, and I have been lucky to be able to work with him all this time.


I know that many of my patients will be disappointed in my departure, and will miss me for a time. I will also be sad not to see you and your children on a regular basis, but my new practice will be in the area, and I hope to have the pleasure of bumping in to you during my daily travels. Mostly I want to express the enormity of the privilege I feel for the trust you place in me.


When the details of my new practice are finalized, I will be sure to contact those of you whose children I am currently treating for Behavioral Medicine problems so you can continue that care with me if you so desire.


With great affection,

Jamie Parles


 If your child has an egg allergy please call the office to schedule an appointment with a physician.

2015-2016 Flu Season


Flu vaccine will be given at anytime during our walk-in hours.


We know that many of you have to make tough decisions due to the termination of Health Republic. Unfortunately, at this time this office does not participate with any of the exchange products that Stony Brook Medical Center participates with.  We believe that every child should have access to pediatric specialists who are affiliated with a major medical center.  Cohen’s Children’s Hospital (NSLIJ) now has many specialty offices in Suffolk County.  Both NSLIJ and this office participate with the exchange products listed below.

NSLIJ Care Connect 


Oxford Health Plans Liberty HMO

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